Intended Use of Film

Education & Empowerment

“Shaka, the Power of Mana” explores the history of the Shaka gesture and how its meanings of living large, making something out of nothing and sharing the aloha spirit can be used to create a better future. As a short film, it’s intended to be a discussion starter in classes and at public events including:

  • In-Class: Use as a mind-opener for K-12, vocational and higher learning classes.
  • Public Events: Use as a tone-setter in public assemblies, business meetings, panels and other group events.
  • Strategic Events: Use as a lead-in to visioning, strategy and planning retreats, roundtables and events.

Our goal is to preserve and share the values that the ancient Hawaiians used to get along and turn the desert islands of Hawai’i into paradise.

Scholarships & More

This project is designed as a timeless classic that can be aired for fee as well as be used to drive philanthropic donations on an on-going basis. Use of funds are anticipated to include additional related nonprofit projects such as:

  • Shaka Scholarships: an endowment to support needy students who demonstrate the spirit of the Shaka and the aloha spirit.
  • Shaka Series: a video series to profile people who typify the spirit of the Shaka and the aloha spirit.
  • Additional Films: fund additional essential story projects.